The proposed budget of $57,981,000 is almost $1 million dollars less than last year. The equalized per pupil cost is $16,956, 6% more than last year, still below the state average of $17,612.

It is important for Rutland taxpayers to recognize Rutland City Public Schools (RCPS) continues to be a receiving district, every taxpayer dollar collected comes back to our community, and then some! We receive $0.75 of state and federal monies for every $1 of expense. RCPS continues to apply for state and federal grants to benefit our children and schools. These grants have supported educational programming and improvements to buildings and grounds, energy efficiency and safety for our children and staff. Our taxpayer dollars account for 25% of the cost of running our schools. Contractual obligations, salaries and benefits make up 80% of the budget. This is money for all staff, teachers, administrators, office personnel, support staff, maintenance staff, bus drivers, aides and coaches for all athletic teams at all levels.

RCPS is a large employer in the city. Dollars spent by and in our community help our local economy. If we want Rutland High School to continue to be a school of choice for sending towns, then we must maintain the high quality of the staff, curriculum and extracurricular offerings that we have, which includes athletics, the arts and social interest groups, so that they choose RHS. If we want Rutland to be an attractive destination for families looking to relocate to a community that offers a good education, and high quality of life, we must maintain the reputation of our entire education system, especially our high school.

Vote 'yes' for the school budget and support quality education for all of our children and our future!

Karen Gartner


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