A note to Melanie King regarding “Nothing for teens to do” (March 7). First, I have a question: does your reference to “teens” include 13-year-olds? I ask because you suggest special times for teens to use the skating rink. Is that for 17-year-olds only? Here’s an idea. Tear yourself away from Whatsapp for a few minutes and catch up on world and local news. If you did that, you’d know that the “shopping world” has shifted to the internet, and retail stores are closing in droves all over the country for lack of business. By the way, when was the last time you used a telephone — even your cell phone — to talk to a friend? I’ll bet your “teens” interaction is almost exclusively by text.

But to your issue, i.e. there’s nothing for teens to do in Rutland: here are a couple of ideas. By all means, try sitting around the house for a couple of hours and read a book. You can even do that online, or OMG go to the library. You want to shop? Ever heard of Amazon.com or Stitch-Fix?

You mention you like driving. How about volunteering to drive an elderly neighbor or relative to a doctors appointment or supermarket. Volunteer at the hospital, go hiking with pals on the trails at Pine Hill Park, or in the winter snowshoeing at the country club or park, play tennis, put together a softball team to play at Rotary Field or volunteer at the animal shelter (Rutland County Humane Society).

In short, grow up, Melanie. You should have learned by the age of 17 that the world is not all about you. Giving yourself for the benefit of others, and making the most of the world around you will satisfy you far more than 17s-only ice skating or shopping.

Enid K Reiman


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