There is so much I don’t understand. Black holes, for instance. Aliens living here on Earth, is another.

But what I really have a tough time with is the Republican Party — a party that supports voter suppression. A party that has sold its soul to the devil incarnate, Donald Trump. A party that is trying to rebrand itself as the party “of and for the working people” while it so vehemently opposes an infrastructure bill that will provide a multitude of jobs for working people and lead us into the 21st century’s need for clean-energy occupations.

We need to understand the Republican Party, and what it reportedly stands for, is a sham like the grifter to whom it has sold its soul.

Perhaps it is not difficult to understand black holes, for the Republican Party is a black hole that has been consumed by the darkness of its lost soul.

William Gay


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Daniel James

You've piqued my curiosity. Would you mind posting one instance in which the Republican party is suppressing the vote? I keep hearing about this "voter suppression", yet after much reading, I can't find a specific example. I'm not asking for merely a specific bill, but a specific item in a bill which was authored by a Republican.

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