Vermont Republican Gov. "Veto" Scott did it again. This time he killed the hand gun waiting period for the purchase of this deadly weapon.

Saying that the waiting period won't stop suicide or murder with a gun, Scott vetoed the bill. How this right-winger arrived at that conclusion is beyond belief when guns have killed thousands of innocent people in America in recent times. This belief of his that it's the person, not the gun that kills, is the foundation for construction of more deaths.

Now Scott wants Vermont to beef up its mental health system, as he feels that's really the issue here, not guns. Gun nuts have this excuse for every senseless killing with a gun. It is the bad mental health department down the block that is to blame.

These gun nuts think that somehow a mental health worker can find all the potential crazy killers in America and put them all in a psych ward. Since that is impossible, they say guns are needed for their protection. Protection from what or from whom? Do they think we'll be invaded by the Russians? My question for them is: if the crazy person they are afraid of can't get a gun, how will he murder a bunch of innocent kids at school or someplace? Answer that one gun nuts!

Thomas W. King


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