“In Guns We Trust.” To protect us (and our possessions). To deliver us from evil. Guns are our bottom-line, sometimes first-line, defense. “Speak softly and carry a big stick,” our primary offense. In either case, it’s guns we trust. Yet, they are always pointed at us.

Our money says, “In God We Trust.” But we don’t bet on that. God seems impotent, even irrelevant, but only to those who don’t actually trust God.

Trusting God is owning the freedom and responsibility God has endowed us with as God’s offspring. We are responsible for our thinking, choices, actions and consequences. We are free to trust God or capitulate to fear, to love as God loves or discriminate even hate, to do good or do harm with our words and actions, to build walls of division or tear them down, to seek peace or undermine it.

Beyond what we can do is what God is always faithfully doing to heal our brokenness, convert our minds, transform our hearts, redeem our world and set us free from sin and death, so that we embody life as God intends in all the fullness of loving one another, and in the joy and peace that brings.

What are we trusting? Who are we living for? How are those choices working out?

John Hardman-Zimmerman


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