"I'm not racist," says the man opposing the addition of a Black Lives Matter flag at Rutland High School. "I'm just asking important questions.

"I'm not racist," he says. "I'm just saying that BLM has made race relations worse. Back in my day, you hardly heard about any of it. Now, suddenly, people are actually talking about examples of racism in their daily lives.

"I'm not racist," he goes on. "I just think that BLM is a terrorist organization that advocates for the killing of cops because one person said it. Do I think that the Republican Party as a whole is white supremacist because Steve King has made comments supporting white supremacy? Obviously not, that would be ridiculous.

"I'm not racist," continues the man. "I just don't know how necessary this is. I mean, Jussie Smollett had charges dropped against him, which proves that racism is over, and which made me really really angry, like so angry. Maybe if BLM was more focused on people not being held accountable to crimes they commit, like killing unarmed civilians without just cause, or to wasting police time, like calling in frivolous complaints to a police department to report that someone's existence is making you uncomfortable, maybe then I would relate to them more.

"No, I am definitely not racist," he concludes. "I just want to go back to a time when everything was peaceful. Except for the lynch mobs. And the segregation. And the unlawful internment of American citizens. But if you ignore all those things, it was way better off back then. For me, and that's all I really care about."

Landry Peters


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