For nearly two years, the mantra of the cautious Democrats has been, “We are waiting for the Mueller report.” Then, after not being allowed to actually read the Mueller report, those same timid Democrats said, “Let’s wait to hear from Mueller.” Now we have, and he has clearly said that as an employee of the Department of Justice, he is following that office’s belief that a sitting president cannot be indicted, so President Trump was not indicted. Mueller has also made it clear that had he the evidence to exonerate the president, that’s what he would have done.

So that leaves us exactly where we began to demand that the House impeach this president. Impeachment is an investigation and beginning that investigation is solely in the hands of the House of Representatives. To uphold the constitutional oath each member took, the House must impeach.

I am calling on our sole representative, Peter Welch, to immediately and publicly state that this is how he will honor his oath. The Constitution does not ask you to make a political calculation or guess at what will be the outcome of the next election. The Constitution and this particular constituent simply demand that you do your job.

There is more than enough evidence that the president may have committed treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. If the Democrats do the constitutional right thing and lose, that is better than not upholding your oath and winning. And the worst? Not doing the right thing and losing the next election. Or perhaps you wish to take more sage advice from people who told us Trump could never win in 2016?

Philip Allen


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