In Vermont, pot is legal to possess and even grow, but you cannot purchase it legally and if you try to, you'll be busted for illegal sales of pot.

The Vermont Legislature cannot, and will not, agree to a bill from the Senate to legalize sales of pot in our state where over 80,000 Vermonters use weed. Politicians complain about safety and kids using pot, and then turn their backs on the illogical issue of pot being legal already, but having no means to purchase it legally.

We have numerous pot growers in Vermont who are ready to supply the legal pot for sale with a sales tax for the state. This has been demonstrated and shown to be a good market in Vermont. Medical pot is already available in Vermont for sale.

This illogical and unfair dilemma is a reflection on the Vermont Legislature's unwillingness to see the truth and act accordingly. Their foggy notions about pot and roadside testing of saliva are even more reason to doubt their ability to legislate. Most fair-minded Vermonters know this now.

Thomas W. King


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This is what happens when xenophobic Vermonters cross party lines to vote for a good old boy (especially in the time of Trump). You made your bed Vermont. You can do better than a smiling -
clown of a Republican governor, a lack of public initiatives, and lots and lots of beer in your coffee shops. Good job! You’re much better than this. Go pay more people to come live here with a trickle down - crack pot theories. You race car driving, greedy, money grabbing alcohol enthusiast. Yes governor... I’m talking to you. Shame on you.

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