I have seen over the years that the legislative bodies, who were elected by the people and for the people, have forgotten one thing – the people.

Laws and taxes are approved by these legislative bodies but the people it affects aren't asked about the outcomes of these passages. We just have to accept the rulings.

These electorates take more money away from people in additional taxes but don't explain where the money goes. The people ask for road and sidewalk repairs, and are told there is no money.

The additional monies from traffic fines, fuel taxes, sugar taxes, other forms of taxes and fines, are collected but the legislative bodies won't tell you where the money goes.

The property taxes were just raised a substantial amount; were the people told why? No. But we are told that a person just got awarded an additional 18 weeks' vacation.

People try to save money by buying electric cars, but now the Legislature wants to tax these people. It sounds like the legislators don't want people to get ahead and save some money.

It is time now for the people of this city, state and country to say "no."

Put senators and representatives on notice that we want term limits. People who are in the Congress who have been there 30, 40, 50 years have been there too long. Two terms, just like a president, half the senators and representatives don't do a thing except take their salary and trips to anywhere for no reason at our cost.

Again, I say, "stand up and say 'no' more."

Lt. Col. Skip Rinebolt


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