President Trump recently signed the Women's Suffrage Centennial Commemorative Coin Act directing the Treasury Department to create currency honoring women who led the fight to pass the 19th Amendment, which provided women with the right to vote after it was ratified in 1920. After showing off his signature, he questioned why it took so long to get the centennial celebration bill passed.

"I guess the answer to that is because now I'm president, we get things done," Trump said.

Huh? Does he not know that "centennial" means "hundred-year?" Why scold Congress for waiting till the centennial to pass the centennial bill? And why tout himself instead of taking more time to recognize the women who worked for generations to get the vote?

As usual with Trump, it's all about him.

Herbert Ogden

Mount Tabor

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Wow! Best economy ever, lowest unemployment ever, trade agreements that don't throw Americans under the bus. Sounds more like a know nothing Snowflake.

B Rhodes

Johnnyboy, your comment shows us all one thing, you are obviously as ignorant as Trump. The article was about a Centennial coin to the Women's Suffrage movement, that's 100 years and this year is that 100th year, so it has very little to do with Trump, although he tries to claim it got done because he was in office. No matter who's in office, the bill would have gotten signed this year, it has zero to do with Trump and everything to do with this being the 100th year. It has nothing to do with anyone being a snowflake, again, it's about it being the 100th year... I'd also point out, that while trade agreements are good for us, tariffs are NOT, his tariffs have thrown us ALL under the bus. Farmers needing to bailed out to the tune of $25 Billion, that's $25 Billion in TAXPAYER dollars...First the farmers suffer and then everyone suffers to try to save their farms with a bailout.... When you point the finger at someone and claim they are a "know nothing", try to remember, when pointing a finger, you have 3 fingers pointed right back at yourself....

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