When, the mob first came to Rutland, they quickly forced out the armed competition by removing the hunters from the forest. Hunting can help keep my digestive system in balance so, I was a bit irritated to say the least.

The mob continues their assault by continuing to make more new mountain biking trails each and every year. When, will enough be enough? Will they ever be satiated?

The mob is an echo chamber of needs, wants, desires, greed — more, more, more. The mob wants what the mob wants.

I understand that people need to buy and to sell goods to feel good about themselves, but a forest needs things too. Often, a forest just needs to be left alone to be a forest: To Be.

However, I see my days are numbered by the mob. I can tell the way they ride too fast, ride off trail and ride too close before warning unsuspecting walkers. The mob wants what it wants. So my retirement of fading into my sunset years will instead be replaced by yearly amputations large and small and in between - leeches to bleed me if you will. Capitalism loves using public goods freely to market lifestyles at all various price points to extract wealth.

The mob may leave eventually. On to the next latest fad to sell widgets and widget accessories and widget apparel.

I won't be a forest, I won't be a park; whatever I will be, I won't be me.

— Pine Hill Park, (a.k.a., The Rutland Forest)

Ronald Grande


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