I am sending this message to House Speaker Mitzi Johnson today in response to your decision to hold back some funds allocated to Vermont by the U.S. government for relief of hardships created by the actions of federal and state governments on small business operations in Vermont as consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These funds were sent to Vermont for immediate distribution to those affected as a direct result of the above-mentioned virus. And these people need the money, no question about it.

It is not your call to decide when and where this money will go; those terms are laid out clearly in the instructions accompanying the funds. It is also the intent of the sender to distribute forthwith.

Furthermore, for you to second guess what might happen later in terms of the rules for distribution is an exercise in arrogance, and suggests you know best as to the distribution methods. I would argue that the history of actions in the Vermont Legislature in the later years since the retirement of Gov. Jim Douglas, have resulted in increased debt, more control of individual lives of citizens and increased taxes and fees assessed by the system as increased levies on property owners and business enterprises. This incompetence on continuous display in the Legislature has run its course and a new direction needs to be sought. You obviously are a part of the problem, not the solution.

Many Vermonters, including yours truly, have seen enough of the left-leaning machine's actions, which culminate in problems mentioned above.

So distribute the funds now, and forget using this money to backfill the holes created by incompetence, poor judgment and in some cases, lack of common sense.

It was not the intent of the federal government to fix problems created by poor management.

James B. Hall

Center Rutland

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Hear hear! The best thing would be for her to tender her resignation and return to Clifton Park(NY).

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