We are living an experience few could have imagined in this era of advanced medical/scientific, industrial/commercial, military and cyber technology.

Yet consider the ability of an obscure, exotic virus to redesign itself to transmute between species, be tenacious enough to spur the human immune system to attack on numerous fronts - often in a lethal manner - the body it was meant to defend, resilient enough to travel from country to country, hemisphere to hemisphere, by wafting through the air, unseen and undetected, then attach itself to whatever or whomever happens into its path.

Many nations, whether large or small, powerful or weak, free or authoritarian, rich or poor, have had their social and economic structures literally stunned by the assault of this “invisible enemy.”

The havoc, suffering and death wreaked by the coronavirus serve as reminders we inhabit this planet with no greater force than Mother Earth’s unharnessed nature which commands a wondrous, terrible, relentless and (using a hackneyed term) “awesome” power.

Patricia Murphy


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