Mc and Mc have demonstrated where their true loyalties lie — that’s Mitch McConnell, the Senate (I am happy to say) Minority Leader and Kevin McCarthy, lead Republican in the House.

During a meeting with President Biden at the White House, they both affirmed, in the strongest terms, and later likewise to reporters after the White House meeting that, in no way, shape or form would they support tax increases for corporations and the wealthy to fund the repair of our infrastructure: our crumbling bridges and tunnels, our pothole ridden roadways, our fuel pipelines.

Why would they since, apparently, they get generous donations from both groups, corporations and wealthy individuals. Why kill the golden egg-laying goose? No, their loyalty lies with the hands that grease their palms. This, of course, represents money and power.

And the American people? These Republicans don’t care about the American people. They disregard the working class, what’s left of the middle class, the struggling lower income class, and the sacrifices we have to make. They are interested in only money and power and their own agenda, and that agenda does not include us.

Larry Booker


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