I think most of us are furious at our leadership, especially as obfuscation seems ready to kill as many Americans as World War II did. But I am most disturbed for our children, who see the president cultivating hatred with nasty bigotry, unseemly language, urging illegal actions and the unbearable cruelty to children fleeing turmoil we have caused by overthrowing the Honduran government.

Children see that the adult leader is not required to tell the truth, so there is no inherent meaning. Our president is nearly daily spreading chaos and fear-mongering based on nothing but his own fancies and prejudices.

We have allowed our leaders to misuse our resources and lie to us, by which we are all diminished, as well as our prospects for becoming an upright, respectable, honorable, happy people. We allow our political parties to promote insincere, acquisitive candidates, as though they were the only options. We habitually blame government and wealthy corporations for actions we disapprove, while actually we are allowing our government to fail to do its job. We act as though we don’t understand who is really in charge around here, and then claim it is a government of the people!

In my youth, I was proud of who we were. But the culture of money and acquisition has buried our appreciation of our planet and our traditional values. As our economic and political systems collapse, we have opportunities to rebuild what neglect has made poisonous.

Let us start contributing to who we are. The Movement for a People's Party had a convention a couple weeks ago, with hundreds of thousands of participants. Please note what they offer us, at www.peoplesparty.org/platform. I have joined and asked to volunteer, and perhaps you can, too.

Larry Sherk


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