I propose that you introduce a bill in Congress that would include all support staff, excepting security personnel, of the White House, the Naval Observatory (VP's residence), the Capitol and Congressional and Executive office buildings, as "nonessential government employees." This would mean that the president, vice president and Congress would have no food, housekeeping, or janitorial services during government shutdowns.

Hundreds of thousands of government employees are facing severe financial strain during this shutdown. Why shouldn't Congress and the Chief Executive, the cause of this problem, suffer a little inconvenience, too? Maybe some brown-bagging, replacing toilet paper and taking out the garbage would hasten resolve to fund a significant portion of the government. Share the pain and take comfort in the gain.

Wayne Weseman


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Thanks for the brilliant suggestion! I have said for years that if those we elect were forced to experience "normal life" rather than entitled ivory tower life, all of our concerns would be eliminated. Your proposal is right on the money!

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