Thanks to Tom Papeika, “Snobbery,” Letters, Jan. 11.

My initial reaction to Danziger’s cartoon was one of relief: Finally, we’re moving beyond the obligation of being politically correct which, in itself, is a joke. Consider the outright lies that have been told in a politically correct manner. I could even brush it off without offense when I realized that, though the locus of the cartoon was West Virginia, it was really a comment on the intelligence of people who would vote for Joe Manchin.

I wish I could!

I am not an economist; I only hold an aging MBA and have some accounting experience, but I know that government produces nothing. I also think the current regime is not one that is sympathetic to those who do produce something, especially if, Oh My Word, the word “Profit” might be associated with the endeavor.

So, to Mr. Papeika’s letter, I say “Thank You.” All the Liberal Arts majors should consider what life would be like without STEM majors, and recognize there are undoubtedly economists, engineers and math majors in West Virginia who wonder what’s going to be there when we try to return to planet Earth. I’ll bet one could find Manchin voters in their midst!

Charles Goodwin


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