Plastic bags are anti-environmental to create and to discard. They can easily be replaced with reusable bags by us, the consumers. Vermont passing a law that deals with these facts is exactly the correct way to protect our people and the environment.

Rob Roper, from the Ethan Allen Institute (exactly who of Mr. Allen’s descendants allowed them to use his name?) writes that this is authoritarian and totalitarian. Wow. The government has long, after scientific evidence has proven something harmful, banned the populace from its use. We do not have the freedom to choose leaded gasoline or toxic paint or asbestos for example. All these things were once legal and now aren’t.

We can dump trash wherever we wish but if caught we will be fined. We once could drive around in cars emitting all kinds of pollutants. Now, we are required to pass an emissions test. Smoking is legal but not in a restaurant. The list is nearly endless.

Our freedoms are not absolute when it comes to harming others and the health of our environment. So, sadly, Mr. Roper, you will have to remember to bring three or four bags with you on your next trip to the grocery store. A few bags stored in the trunk of your car are better than millions of bags filling our oceans.

Philip Allen


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