Another small bright blue bag, neatly tied and full of dog poop left by the bridge on Grove Street. Many of them down the bank — some not even tied off — to be carried away by East Creek. A yellow one left on Nickerson Street for weeks, split open and providing a feast for vermin. Tossed into the center of the street where traffic will magically make it disappear. Out on a country road.

They pop up anywhere, not on private lawns mind you, but on public property where presumably the municipal pooper-scooper will gather them up on his or her regular rounds.

But guess what? We don't have such a service anywhere.

And anyway, in addition to being disgusting, filthy and potentially a health issue, the practice is totally nonsensical. The entire purpose of bagging dog poop is to take it away and dispose of it in the trash! A pretty little plastic bag full is no less offensive than leaving the steaming pile there.

People walk on sidewalks. They push their baby strollers or walk with toddlers there. They walk dogs who become distracted by the latest olfactory news.

In the case of East Creek, we are all making mighty efforts to keep our waterways clean. People fish downstream. The creek empties into Otter Creek. Much money is being spent to prevent pollution out of Otter Creek. So there you are, unwilling to carry out what you brought in.

Don't watch to touch it? You tied the bag, after all. Either wear gloves or carry an extra plastic bag (until they are outlawed, that is).

Whatever your reason, please develop some common decency and civic awareness and keep your doggie-do off the streets!

Thank you.

Julia Purdy


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J No

Well said. We have had the same issue in the Charter Hill area. Why bother to bag it in the first place.

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