"I am not a communist" – Karl Marx

"Nor am I" – Charles Pregger

Lawrence Zupan's June 25 opinion piece is fear mongering worthy of our "illustrious" president and like so much of his rhetoric, it is filled with errors, exaggerations and misstatement of fact.

To begin, to attribute "the politics of envy, misery" etc., and the atrocities of 20th-century despots from Lenin to Mussolini and Hitler, to Kim Jong Un, is a-historical, to say the least. Marx analyzed the forces of historical change that led from one epoch of history to the next, and the dynamics of capitalism as the latest of those epochs.

Zupan further totally mangles the message of the Black Lives Matter movement. Many people have commented on the necessity of re-thinking policing nationally and in our little state.

In that same edition, Wilda White addresses some of those issues in her very well-reasoned critique of Senate bills 119 and 219.

We read of numerous instances of profiling of people of color by our police. Also, we must note a member of our state assembly was hounded out of office through intimidation and vandalism while our police did nothing to protect her. These are examples of systematic and systemic racism that renders our professed beliefs hypocritical. I do care about democracy, liberty, freedom and justice — for everyone. It's about time that our police do, too.

Charles Pregger

Fair Haven

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