After reading the "Rutland dog dispute leads to charges" article (April 9), it appears the Rutland police did nothing to help the dog in question. It appears that neither party is capable of owning a dog.

Is this dog registered with the city? Does either party have veterinary records? Is this dog microchipped and possibly a rescue, in which case the dog should be returned to the rescue? To say this is a civil case is simply the police not doing their job.

Dogs in Vermont are considered property and if this dog was stolen, the thieves should have been charged. I understand the alleged owner attempting to get her dog back after the police refused to help her, but do feel the police could have at least scanned for a chip and taken the dog to the humane society until this could be sorted out.

Where's the compassion for this innocent dog? People need to step up and demand the Rutland ACO start doing the job they are paid to do, which is protecting animals.

Kate Kennedy


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