The King of Siam used to give white elephants as gifts to his couriers he had a grudge with. A white elephant had to be fed and cared for but could not be used for any type of work. This was a tactic to destroy their wealth.

The voters of Poultney just handed us a white elephant on Tuesday, congratulations, you still control the town. I had a problem with the mom and pop stores that would be affected — with two gas stations, a pizza parlor and a hardware store, I had a difficult time finding mom and pop. Maybe they had gone to Florida in October and won't be back until May. In this case, I doubt if they will have much problem with sidewalks being shoveled.

I drove by the property and looked for the floodlights shining through shuttered windows and failed to see them. I do need cataract surgery but don't think it's that bad yet.

So our white elephant will sit along with the white elephant bank and the white elephant college as we slowly sink into semi-ghost town status. This from the people who gave us Staco, who at one time referred to the ladies working there as cows as they polluted our water and sewers with mercury and paid lousy wages in the process. I feel our beautiful town deserves better than this.

Those who did not vote yes, I don't want to hear any complaints along those that did not. Inevitably, by our actions, we get what we deserve. We are running out of services and choices.

Fair Haven rules, unless you don't have transportation and are a senior and have difficulty walking that far.

Walter Duda


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