All lives matter — except George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Daniel Prude, Jacob Blake and countless others. And it seems here in our little state, all lives matter except Kiah Morris and now Tabitha Moore.

I think those who are “offended” by a BLM or LGBTQ flag or sign are actually afraid that flying those flags or displaying signs may change the systemic racism that plagues our country. But yet, they are so proud to fly the Confederate flag which represents people who committed treason to keep Blacks enslaved, evoking the First Amendment.

It disturbs me that people have threatened others, including adults threatening children, which, in my opinion, is totally despicable. Unfortunately, their tactics have worked because Kiah Morris didn’t seek reelection and Tabitha Moore is now selling her home.

I always thought this didn’t happen in our “brave little state of Vermont,” the first state to end slavery and recognize same-sex marriage (only calling it civil unions). How naive I was. Someone smearing mud and oil on the Black Lives Matter mural in front of the State House, white paint being splattered on BLM signs to name just a few of the vandalism done.

Maybe some day they will realize they are on the wrong side of history but I doubt that. Once you have learned that only white lives matter, it is really hard to unlearn it.

Amy Pregger

Fair Haven

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Very well said. It's sad that people are so hateful.

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