In his letter (March 6), Richard Andrews calls the discussion or even naming of "white privilege" illogical, "counterproductive and ineffective." He bases this on his belief that there is a large segment of possessors of white privilege (yes, it is a very real and destructive thing) who will "close their ears and minds" out of resentment and a perception of being manipulated. These are the very reasons that a discussion of race in this society is necessary, overdue and will be painful.

Here's an example of my privilege: while being stopped for lack of an inspection sticker (new windshield) I discovered that I wasn't carrying my driver's license. For me, no problem, a cheerful admonition to remember my license in the future and to get my car reinspected. Every black and brown person, whether in Vermont or elsewhere, can tell you of the difficulties and danger that would ensue if they found themselves in the same circumstances.

This is the kind of "offense" that is the origin of countless shooting, specious arrests, cascading fines and penalties that in many locales will result in a stay in jail for such a trivial offense. This is white privilege and if some are made uncomfortable by that fact then perhaps that is the very place where the discussion should begin. With pathology, most treatment is painful.

Joseph Trenn


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Joe I guess u just like 2 hear/see yourself talk.... no content...has the CHEESE slid off your pizza ????

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