The U.S. House of Representatives has one and only one means by which it can curb the actions of a rogue chief executive. But it is an effective one. It is the power of the purse.

I call on Congress to pass no more spending bills for White House operations of any kind until Donald Trump is gone from office. Nor for the office of the vice president. Nor for Trump's tools in the OMB, NSC and State Department. Nor for any sort of ongoing or planned military operations anywhere. Nor to pass a 2020 Defense Spending Authorization Act. Nor for any other fund the president can get his hands on, legally or illegally, for such purposes.

This will have the effect of bringing America to its knees. But it is, unfortunately, the only way to get rid of a hateful president intent on destroying our nation himself, and insulated from accountability by political allies and vassals.

Tyler P. Harwell


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Why didnt they stop Obama from sending those pallets of cash that helped build the bombs that were used to bomb the US Embassy ? By the way , how is your 401k doing under this rogue President ?

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