Recent discussions regarding just what information the Rutland City Public Schools system is collecting from private households is extremely concerning for those with concerns about government overreach into the family and into the home.

For those involved in the “Re-Schooling” movement or are part of a ReSchool pod, tracking which student logs in from which private residence for their required periods of remote learning poses a gross invasion of privacy.

The purpose of ReSchooling is to vet and monitor the lessons being delivered by public school employees to ensure children interpret the lessons, viewpoints and biases of the instructors holistically. This way, they draw useful, life affirming and positive lessons without being left adrift with only their teacher’s personal opinions and a partisan curriculum-by-committee to follow. Students also learn to identify and assess bias in the state-delivered narrative, pursue independent sources for verification, and equip themselves to view prevailing viewpoints with a critical eye.

In short, it’s time-intensive and demanding on parents, but worth it. One way to spread the load is to establish pods for interested families and share mentor duties. However, schools often oppose the involvement of parents and the family in the development and delivery of curriculum and have actively opposed such efforts in the past. If the school district is misusing information families are required to provide to the district, in order to participate in state public education, parents have the right to know that and weigh in before it happens.

Patrick Cashman

Portland, Oregon

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