Evidently, Mr. Donovan doesn't listen to the media that often. It was aired by all the television newscasts about Pelosi spending $75,000 dollars for her trip to California to get her hair cut. She was even pictured with her mask below her chin and claiming the salon had set her up. But, of course, Mr. Donovan is probably a Democrat; he wouldn't believe a Democrat diplomat would do such a thing like Pelosi did. It just goes to show he is a typical liberal and hates Trump.

As far as the Rutland Herald is concerned, they are a good local newspaper and do fact check, and they were one of a lot of papers who ran the story. Trump may have spent money on haircuts, but he spent his own money and didn't use your tax dollars like Pelosi did, and fly 3,000 miles to get the haircut. By the way, CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC and newspapers coast to coast covered the haircut trip. The question this person should be asking is why fly to California to get the hair done when there are salons in Washington?

Skip Rinebolt


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I'd forgotten this entire tempest in a teapot that Mr. Rinebolt seems focused on, i.e. Nancy Pelosi's haircut. So I went back are read news articles, including Fox News, about the whole kerfuffle, Nowhere did I see that she'd used 75,000 taxpayer dollars to get her hair cut. In fact the whole thing seemed to focus on whether Pelosi - or the salon owner - had violated the San Francisco restrictions. The salon owner had been allowing individuals to use chairs in her salon in defiance of the San Francisco restrictions, but was outraged that one of the, one at a time, customers was Pelosi, a regular there before COVID19. I have to wonder if the outrage had more to do with the negative light all the media attention cast on the owner's business. The salon has since closed altogether. But $75,000? Where was that mentioned? Not even by Fox. This is nothing more than yet another smear job on a powerful woman, just like the ones on Hillary Clinton, promoted by the Republican Party and raised to new heights under the misogynist, Donald Trump. It's sad that 100 years after women got the right to vote we still have men who just can't deal with their power and will make a major deal of a haircut in the time of COVID while their hero conducted numerous mask-free rallies of the true-believers.


Skip, I just don't know what to say to you. The driveled stuff you promote is the reason others along with you gave us a disgusting person in the White House for four years.

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