I think there was a typo in Butch Paul’s letter to the editor on Wednesday. When he wrote, “the March election was a one issue election” it was missing the words, “to me.” For those of us with children in the school, it was the last thing on our minds.

If you attended Rutland 50 years ago or your kids graduated from the school over 25 years ago, you have the luxury of being scared by boogeymen like critical race theory or woke-ness. Myself and many other locals with kids in the school have to worry about real problems like: remote learning, rampant vaping and substance use, and a vocal minority constantly pining for a past that is largely a myth.

I wish I had the luxury of culture wars being the biggest problem in my life. Instead, I have to worry about good teachers quitting the high school because they are being assaulted. I have to worry about my children being safe and hopefully learning a thing or two to survive in a world that is infinitely more complex than the one Butch and his ilk reside in.

If the mascot or critical race theory are the biggest issues you have with our school, I am happy for you: Happy that your biggest problems are imaginary. Happy that you probably don’t have a dog in the fight like I do.

Butch’s letters remind me of a line from an Eddie Money song. “I wanna go back, and do it all over, but I can’t go back, oh, no.” Whatever happened to leaving the world a better place than you found it? Stop moving backwards so my kids can move forwards.

Chris Cosgrove


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The truth can be a horribly beautiful thing. Well done.[thumbup]

Jennifer Philo

Well said!

Just sayin'

Thanks Chris- you have illuminated the very issue at hand- the real struggles in the schools vs a few people's imagined or contrived ones. It is frustrating to watch a group of people tasked with setting the educational course for our youngest residents instead bickering and arguing about what's obvious to most of us. We should not maintain derogatory images and names that are offensive to some.

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