“The F-35 is both a scandal and a tragedy … (it) is the worst example of the military-industrial-congressional complex.” - Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)

The presence of nuclear bombers at Burlington International Airport is an appalling prospect. Dangerous noise pollution and the reckless hazards that come with storing the $1.4 trillion per aircraft nuclear bombers is of grave concern to Vermonters. This is the weapon the Air Force intends to station with our Vermont National Guard, and is part of the Pentagon’s plan to build a new generation of nuclear weapons.

This all ties in to the Trump administration’s ill-conceived nuclear policy which, as the United States has begun building its first long-range nuclear weapons since 1991, and Russia and the U.S. have both pulled-out of the INF treaty, is a serious threat to our nation, let alone our state.

Recently, however, grassroots support for a ban on the F-35 has yielded big results. On May 23, the state Senate passed the Keep Vermont Nuclear Bomber-Free Resolution — S.R.5 — by an overwhelming majority vote of 22 to 7. Regrettably, Rutland County Sen. Brian Collamore was one of the seven legislators who rejected the measure.

I am grateful that Sens. Cheryl Hooker and Jim McNeil listened to the concerns of their constituents and upheld the welfare of our state. Thank you to these two Rutland senators for their good sense in banning the bomber and for saying "no" to participation in Trump’s reckless nuclear arms race.

Liz Filskov


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The F-35 WILL be coming to Burlington ANG base in September. They were designed as an air to ground platform to replace the old F-16's, A-10's and even older AV-8 Harriers. Their primary role will be to provide close air support for ground troops. As an old ground pounder it is always reassuring to know that should you run into some enemy resistance you can call for help and there will be our brothers/sisters in the air overhead standing by to drop a 2,000 lb. smart bomb on the opposition. These aircraft were not designed to carry nukes but I expect they could if it were necessary. After all you could also load a nuke aboard any of the commercial aircraft that fly into and out of Burlington every day. In my college days at Plattsburgh we had an active SAC base across the lake. B-47's, B-52s and F/B 111's all of which were designed to carry multiple nukes. That is what their job was. Of course the AF would neither confirm or deny it but you can pretty much bet that there were more than a few of those weapons on board the Plattsburgh AFB. Will the AF bring nukes to Burlington ANG base? It is highly unlikely that they would bring such ordinance to a base shared with civilians. Of course in keeping with policy they would never confirm or deny what they had there. I am looking forward to having these brand new aircraft being entrusted to the Green Mountain boys and girls. They have earned it and the grunts deserve this support.

Stephen Wells

i agree with you. The f-35 will make no more impact than the f-16's did years ago.

Gary D

Jet Noise... The Sound of FREEDOM!!!

Paul G

Agree with you all. If something happened and we needed that F-35 those anti's would be the first to complain.

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