Feel-good just don't cut it anymore here in Vermont. In reading about Christine Hallquist's defeat to Scott in the election and how it is a "feel-good" experience, I am dismayed and wonder when the Democrats will wise up and finally get rid of Governor Scott.

This is not about how we feel, it's serious and vitally important to rid our state of Scott. He has frustrated the Democrats at every turn and will continue to do so. His Republican mindset about not wanting to raise taxes and cutting social programs are two reasons why he must go. The vetoes of minimum wage and family leave are two more.

Hallquist not only lost, but she got beaten badly and I, for one, do not feel good about a Democrat losing like this to Scott. Two more years of Scott is not a feel-good thing. We need someone with a better-than-even chance to defeat Scott.

It's nice to feel good about your opponent, but as Vince Lombardi said, "show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser." So, now our Vermont House and Senate will have to duke it out with Scott for two more years. That's great. Just getting a minimum wage bill and family leave bill passed will be a huge task. Making pot for sale legally and having a budget will be more fights with Scott. Is this good for our small state? Is making a livable wage a feel-good thing? Don't we have more important issues in our state that need our attention?

Getting anything done with Scott as governor will be near impossible and our Legislature will grind to a halt. The Vermont voters don't seem to get it and re-elected Scott, so it's now up to the Democrats to deal with him. Let's get serious and stop worrying about how we feel.

T.W. King


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