It appears to me that another supposed science fiction writer is right again. This morning, with the temperature at 66 degrees and bright sunlight, the dandelions were in their golden glory, hundreds of them in full bloom on my lawn.

The lawn required mowing, so I got my tractor out and began. It did not take too long to realize something was terribly wrong — with all of the hundreds of blooms, there was not a single pollinator in sight. Neither honey, bumble, sweat or mud dauber was working the hundreds of blooms.

Poultney streets where I reside have many crab apple trees and they, when in full bloom, should be hives of activity. If you are fortunate, you may find three or four on each tree.

"Silent Spring" is here. I recommend the Legislature enact laws that Monsanto and other bee killers be made to locate apiaries about every 10 miles and maintain them, if they are to sell the systemic poisons with particular attention paid to the nicotine-based poisons responsible for bee deaths, if they are sell their products in Vermont.

The whole populace will suffer when bees are gone, as they nearly are. How about it legislators, before it's too late? "Silent Spring" is not just another book now, it's becoming a fact in our lives.

Walter Duda


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