My name is Cathy Solsaa, and I am running for a position on the Rutland School Board in the March 3 election. My experience as a parent with a passion for education, as a longtime member of our community and professionally, as a bookkeeper, make me an excellent candidate for the Rutland City School Board.

I have been a Rutland City resident for 20 years. All four of our children began their education in Rutland Public Schools. Three have graduated from Rutland High School, two in 2018 and one in 2019. They attend colleges in Vermont, Philadelphia and Massachusetts. The youngest is currently a junior at Rutland High School.

With three of our kids away at college, I find myself with the time and energy to devote to our community. I have a passion for education, and I would very much like to contribute my skills and abilities to the Rutland Public School Board.

I attended a number of School Board meetings over the course of the past year, and I am aware of some of the issues and challenges our community faces in our schools. I want to support our school system as it strives for equity and inclusion and provides the best possible educational experience for all our students. Our teachers need support, as well. Many of our teachers are providing supplies and basic support for students out of their own pockets.

I obtained certification as a nationally certified bookkeeper through a certification program at CCV. I currently work as a bookkeeper for my husband’s business, Solsaa Building and Energy Solutions. Through my work and studies, I have a solid understanding of accounting principles. This will be an asset in the budgeting process for Rutland Public Schools.

Please vote for me in the March 3 election.

Cathy Solsaa


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