John Nassivera is correct: The Golan Heights, recently recognized by Donald Trump as part of Israel, has nothing at all to do with faith. In fact, it has to do with recent history, most of which Mr. Nassivera got wrong in “Slippery Slope from Golan to Jerusalem” (March 30-April 1).

For one, the Golan has not been part of Syria “for thousands of years” for the simple reason that Syria, as an independent state with its current borders, is less than 100 years old, having been formed after World War I by France and Britain.

The Golan is not considered “part of the historic ‘Eretz Israel.’” Since Israel’s creation, Syria used the heights to attack Israeli citizens. Israel’s position is Syria launched three wars, in one of which it lost the Golan, and Israel is unwilling to return it for fresh attacks.

Mr. Nassivera also fails to mention some very relevant facts, such as that Israel offered to return the Golan for a peace agreement similar to the one in effect with Egypt for the past 40 years, which Syria refused. I’d like him to name other countries that have won territory after repeated attacks and have returned these territories absent a peace agreement.

Mr. Nassivera shows impressive expertise in religious history, but given the historical inaccuracies he has published for the second week in a row, he would do well to resist tackling issues best left to historians or those intimately familiar with the Middle East’s complex history.

Ted Molnar


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