Now comes the bad news on our Social Security system and Medicare, Trump and his crew with dire warnings about the failure of the systems.

In 1983, Reagan and Greenspan conspired to shore up his failing supply side economics by tapping into the SS system to the tune of $2.7 trillion. To those who don't know, that's two-thousand seven hundred billion dollars. Congress has never paid this back to us workers who created the surplus.

Now, Trump wants seven-plus billion for a wall to bear his name. Our funds that are paid in weekly are diverted to the General Fund thanks to Reagan and Greenspan's manipulation of a working system.

The can was kicked down the road for the benefit of supply side and detriment of care for the elderly with money they paid into the system, which was intended for that purpose. Trump and cult say it's a failure. Any time monies are used for a project not intended, the intended project is subject to fail.

And then there are those who will continue to support the embezzlement of our well-intentioned funds for their own use.

Walter Duda


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