I write to disagree with your editorial headlined “Time to concede” in which you stated that Bernie Sanders should quit, and we should endorse Joe Biden.

Here are some of the reasons why I disagree:

If the situation were reversed, I doubt if the media would insist that Biden concede.

It is predicted that the younger voters (over 70% younger than the age of 45) will still vote for Sanders or will not vote at all. This applies to many folks older than 45 as well.

Why did Sanders do so well compared to Biden in the first three primaries? Was it really the African-American vote that turned things around or was it the mainstream media, and the Democratic National Committee casting Sanders as a socialist like Cuba’s Castro for saying Castro did some good things in the areas of education and health for his people. Perhaps the lack of voting machines, and hours-long voting lines played a part. Perhaps a factor was that some exit polls did not match within the margin-of-error range when compared to the results from the computerized vote counting machines. In addition, the DNC decided to continue the primary voting process in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, thus insuring a minimum voter turnout for those affected states.

Wall Street supporter Biden comes with a political background even more detrimental than that of Hillary Clinton, for example:

During the March 16 Biden/Sanders debate, Biden denied working against Social Security when in fact, he called for cutting Social Security at least three times during his political career.

Biden lied or was misinformed when he said, “Medicare for All “would cost more than the entire federal budget,” when in fact it would likely generate an overall savings.

Biden publicly indicated he would veto a Medicare for All bill if it came to his desk as president.

Biden lied about championing the 2005 Bankruptcy Bill that benefited the credit card companies while barring a way out for college students and others with an insurmountable debt load.

Biden sponsored the 1994 crime bill that incarcerated people for life for drug offenses. It also expanded the number of for-profit prisons in this country.

Biden actively promoted and voted for the ongoing, disastrous 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, which was based on faulty information about Iraq’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

Biden helped confirm right-wing judge Clarence Thomas for the U.S. Supreme Court in 1991 by refusing to allow Anita Hill’s witnesses to testify on her behalf.

Biden lied in 1988, during his first run for president, stating that he had three degrees, a full academic scholarship and graduated in the top half of his Syracuse University law school class. None of it is true. He graduated 76th out of a law school class of 85, according to C-Span and his law school transcript.

The above are but a few examples of the issues that Trump and his GOP Fox News promotional team will use against Biden, the DNC’s chosen candidate, thus ensuring a Trump victory this fall.

I feel that between Sanders and Biden, Sanders is the only candidate who can unite the general population of this country to defeat Donald Trump. If Biden remains the DNC’s decreed candidate for the November election, it is obvious what the projected outcome will be, in which case, I feel that Sanders should run as an independent third-party candidate.

The coronavirus is still in its initial stages. Perhaps, before the virus is through with us, we may wish we had in place another New Deal “socialist”-type president like Franklin D. Roosevelt, a president who championed the 1935 Social Security Act and rebuilt the country’s infrastructure during an earlier time of great crisis.

William A. Rice

Randolph Center

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