Here in Vermont, our biweekly briefings given by Gov. Phil Scott are currently promoting vaccinations; like it or not, they are experimental, at best, and with no extensive track record or long-term data to support them.

Dr. Simone Gold and the American Frontline Doctors are by no means the only medical professionals raising concerns in the United States or globally for that matter, but one thing they all have in common is they are being censored and purged from this discussion, when they should be brought into it in a much more inclusive and constructive way. This purging of concerned professionals places our leaders in a much smaller box, restricting their parameters of operation to a limited number of options controlled by those with a vested interest and an already granted immunity from prosecution if and when their products harm those encouraged to take the medicine.

Is it wrong to suggest we look for solutions throughout the medical profession before forfeiting the right of informed consent by exclusively turning it over to a limited number of experts our leaders must rely on for policy decisions?

Perhaps our political leaders have been handed a deck parsed with legal advantage for a particular solution; however, most leaders are ill-equipped to reshuffle that deck before it is dealt!

Thus far, we are not being forced to take the medicine, or are we?

Lynn James Edmunds


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