In honor of Dick Lloyd and to grant his wishes, there were no calling hours or services after his untimely death. Because of his love for Rutland Town, we decided to have a gathering and potluck supper at the firehouse with his friends and family to honor the life of this caring, humble, dedicated, loyal, hard working man.

Thank you to all of the amazingly wonderful people who attended the gathering and potluck supper in honor of our loved one:

to Josh Terenzini, who coordinated the potluck supper gathering at the Center Rutland Fire Station;

to the Rutland Town firemen and women who kindly helped;

to all of the townspeople, families and friends who attended and brought food;

to the many who loved Dick and shared stories about his kindness, friendship and readiness to help;

to Don Cioffi for his beautifully written article in Sam’s Good News;

to the State Police, especially Ryan, who worked long after his normal hours to help find Dick;

to the firemen, the Blueberry Hill Camp Crew, Gene and Curt Hathaway, who helped retrieve Dick and his vehicle from the accident scene;

to Gene and Curt Hathaway, and Chris Ronn, who carefully transported us on their four-wheelers up the camp road where Dick was found, so that we could say our final good-byes;

to the many people who stopped at our home, brought food and shared their stories and love for Dick, as well as cards, emails, texts and phone calls;

to Chris at Aldous Funeral Home for his compassionate care;

and mostly, to our dear family and closest friends who helped us and stayed by our side.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Dick’s wife, Mary Fran, daughter Heather and husband Jerry, grandson Jake and brother Tom


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