Last year, “The Bus” provided 285,000 people with transportation all over (Rutland) City and 25,000 trips to medical appointments. It links Rutland to all of our area colleges and to ski areas. It brings people to and from work, class, movies, dining and shopping, providing a total of over 745,000 rides annually. Rutland has been served with this service for over 40 years.

The availability of public transportation provides area residents the opportunity to get to and from work. People are able to locate in Rutland because public transportation is available to move them through Rutland and link them with jobs in the area. Those people rent apartments, buy food at local supermarkets, shop at the local deli, bakery and convenience stores. They also go to the movies and out to eat. In short, they contribute to the well-being of the community. A strong public transportation system encourages development in the city.

“The Bus” employs between 65 and 80 people a year depending on the season. Those are good jobs that add to the local economy.

The elderly use it as a means to remain independent. Take some time and visit some elderly housing projects and watch as the residents get off the bus carrying their groceries and other necessities. It is one less thing that they must deal with. We, as a community, have made sure that transportation is available to everyone. It is important that it continues.

Imagine the day when age affects your ability to drive your car or your finances make it impossible for you to own a vehicle. Now, imagine that there is no public transportation.

Patty Donnelly

Chairman of the Board

Marble Valley Regional Transit District

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