In reading Kate Taylor's comments regarding the Trump administration and such, I was reminded that the American people rejected handily in 2016, the continuation of the most incompetent and corrupt eight years of governance from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, this nation has ever seen. The items of interest are becoming quite well-known in recent days, and it appears as though there might be more to come.

The left, along with the DNC and PR folks of the mainstream media, will fight this every step of the way simply because the efforts are not geared toward "getting Trump,"

Things began to take a different turn when the Mueller work came to a screeching halt the day he went before Congress. This waste of time and money was compounded by Mueller's work to keep political thugs in the Justice Department and FBI out of jail. He probably will be proven to have lost that fight, as well.

The crooked work and concepts did not stop when Obama left the White House.

Ms. Taylor is entitled to her views, as any of us are, but the fact of Donald Trump winning the presidency is real, Hillary Clinton stated as much on the morning following Election Day 2016.

Many Americans, myself included, did not cotton to Obama's governance either, but we lived until Jan. 20, 2017. Some on the left have not respected the fact that the office of president is bigger than any one individual, including Barack Obama.

Time will tell just how Obamagate stacks up in comparison to other scandals over the years, but one thing is for sure in watching the handling of such stuff, the difference is it matters whose ox is being gored and who is doing the goring.

James B. Hall

Center Rutland

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Out of the mouth of another gun toting who follows a leader who is destroying my world.

James Hall

If your world is destroyed, it was done by Obama or the Chinese virus. The current president has given everyone an opportunity with the tools he has provided. If that hasn't worked, it is probably time to do something different with those tools.


@bj James Hall trolls the editorial page of the Herald all the time with this tripe. Just ignore him, which will likely deprive him of the only source human contact in his life, and he will go away.

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