This week will see soldiers entering the battlefields of the War on Terror who were born after the war started. Men will be fighting in a war their fathers fought in before they were even conceived.

There is much to say about the utility of the War on Terror but it is important we do not lose sight of what makes this war different: It is a Forever War. It seems strange to introduce such a dramatic concept when our country feels less at war than at any time in the last two decades but that is the goal of the war planners, to make the war feel natural, as if we have always been fighting it and we always will — nothing newsworthy there.

I simply want to urge my fellow Americans to not forget our country is still locked in a billion-dollar struggle every day. When you don't notice it, that is not a sign of the war ending, it is simply a sign of how deeply ingrained the war-time footing is into our minds and our society. Remember, we were not always at war, and pray for those young men fighting the wars of their fathers.

Matthew Brown


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