After watching this Chuck E. Cheese commercial with children wearing masks, a woman as a voice-over chimes that "kids can get back to being kids." Come on, really? I'll believe it when they can remove the masks permanently.

This brings another note. Is this really "the new normal" or "the unnecessary fear?" Appropriate caution, of course (i.e., sanitizer, 20-second hand washing, covering cough or sneeze). However, studying the symptoms of coronavirus, this is extremely similar to the flu, which also unfortunately kills people every year. The point: Is over-the-top caution really necessary?

Coronavirus affects the following people the most: the elderly, those with major health conditions, and I'll remind again: those who smoke. With the combination of carbon monoxide breathed in from cigarette smoke and respiratory symptoms from coronavirus, you have a larger chance of dying than someone who is healthy. Am I saying this out of cruelty? No, I care. That's why I'm being tough on you.

Now, regarding the elderly and people with major health conditions, the appropriate aspect would be the following: quarantine them however long it needs to take. On that note, others who are able should venture out and supply their neighbors with what they need.

We should remember that the middle name of the media is drama – or dramatic, whatever suits the public. I really hope Gov. Phil Scott gets his hands on this.

Tiffany Heath


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