We are no longer living in a country nor in a period where one can straddle the fence. You either support the president or you do not. There can be no undecided. I have heard people say they wish he were not such a loud mouth, but they like what he is doing.

Even if you like what he is doing, it should be clear to you by now he's a man who is incapable of leading a nation. It’s the job of the sitting president to lead the whole nation: That includes the people who didn’t support him and in the case of this president, that is the majority of those who voted.

Even his supporters, if they are honest with themselves — and I think that is probably not possible for some — his “windmills cause cancer, my father is from Germany, we have a new healthcare plan in place, I am going to close the border, I am under audit,” the list goes on, must realize he has proven himself incapable of carrying out the duties of his office.

Ronald Reagan was suffering from the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s before he left office, and it seems clear the current president is suffering from some form of mental illness, whether it’s dementia or psychosis. His bizarre behavior clearly indicates he should not be in a position where he has access to nuclear codes or making decisions that have a direct effect on the safety and well-being of millions of people around the world.

It is time for Congress to begin impeachment proceedings or for those who are in position, to gather together to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove this president from office. Anything less by those who have sworn an oath to the Constitution and to the American people, is the ultimate violation of trust that they carry for the common good of all Americans and for those people around the world whose lives are impacted by the decisions coming out of the Oval Office.

Charles Laramie

Fair Haven

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It isn't easy to bring together people who have sworn to resist his presidency at every turn. People who claim that he isn't the legitimate POTUS. People who refuse to even attend the state of the union speech. How do you bring them along.
He offered to help them legitimize DARPA and increase security on our borders. Apparently that issue isn't as important any more. He claims that there is a crisis at the border and the congress does nothing but attack him and the men/women who protect our sovereignty. It tens of thousands of unidentified foreign nationals marching to our borders with the declared intent of entering the US isn't a crisis I don't know what is.
Watching that wacky, nasty Maxine Waters insult and humiliate cabinet secretaries tells me all I need to know about the "loyal opposition".

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