Vermont media coverage of so-called white nationalists is becoming annoying. These individuals are hungry for attention and the media is giving them plenty of it.

Please try to play it down. Nut cases will always try to get attention to their crazy causes. I'd like to remind them all that their constitutional right to freedom of speech ends when they are incarcerated. When that day comes and it surely will, they will be silenced for good.

That will make Vermonters happy, and even the media.

Thomas W. King


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Heather Juliussen-Stevenson

Ignoring white supremacy just provides cover for hatred to flourish. When Confederate flyers showed up at the Rutland Free Library a year ago, if we had tried to keep it quiet we would have been sending a message to blacks: You aren't worth defending out loud. Because yes, a Confederate flag is a threat of violence against people of color. And we need to reject it out loud--which is what we did by letters to the editor, community conversations and other direct actions.

And while I am personally appalled that a certain weapons-stockpiling white supremacist in Vermont is currently back on the streets despite violating his conditions of bail--where was he radicalized?--I feel compelled to point out that incarceration doesn't mean that a person loses their Constitutional right to freedom of speech. That's not how that works. At all. Misinformation doesn't help our mission. It's in part BECAUSE a white supremacist would continue to enjoy freedom of speech behind bars that we MUST speak out against hatred.

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