It is such a relief to get rid of Donald Trump, arguably the worst president ever. It's like when your dentist pulls out that painful, abscessed, rotten tooth or when your doctor tells you that you are cancer free. Oh, what a relief it is!

Donald's greatest accomplishment was to tell more lies than all of our previous presidents and legislators put together. We got used to his everyday lying, but then came the big lie: that he actually won the election and lost only because of massive voter fraud. Never mind that there was no evidence of this, each state certified the election results, and numerous courts found that the election was fair, lawful and accurate. Yet he persisted in the lie and whipped his supporters into a frenzy, which led to the violent insurrection inside the Capitol. We can't be certain whether Donald's thinking is delusional (a symptom of psychosis) or intentional (hoping to disrupt our democracy for personal gain).

In either case, it has been a dangerous, exhausting, wild ride. He is no longer our president, and he leaves in disgrace.

G. Richard Dundas


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Yep he's gone and antifa is still rioting. Now who you gonna blame for everything?


It is amazing how liberals like this writer have to rely on lies to try to show thier CNN driven hatred for the President. Everytime someone like this writer submits something , it is always full of lies and untruths. It just continues to show the weakness of thier opinion.

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