It appears the Trump administration and the USDA are determined to make the working class and the poor suffer more.

Trump and his lackeys intend, for the third time, to reduce and/or limit the food assistance now provided to the poor and the working class. This means the poor, the working class and, especially, children, will go hungry during this season of “plenty and joy” should this proposal pass, while multi-millionaires and billionaires enjoy roast turkey, prime ribs and all the delicacies of this holiday season, which poor children will not taste. Immorality at its finest.

Why must Trump, his lackeys and the USDA make children suffer? Why must these poor, hungry children continue to be malnourished? Please read the indictment on the editorial page of this past weekend’s Rutland Herald. Please read Willem Lange’s piece where he talks about volunteers giving out free meals. Please read Msgr. Bernie’s comment in Street Talk of how Jesus taught us to feed the hungry and give water to the thirsty.

As the billionaires sit in their luxurious mansions and their lavish yachts, enjoying their sumptuous meals, while children go hungry, what will they say when they stand before the Lord in judgment, as will we all, when He asks, “What have you done for my people?” This includes Donald Trump and the USDA.

Larry Booker


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Gary D

And just how is the President doing this? Lets talk about the liberals putting illegals ahead of the Millions of Starving Children and our own Vets.



The mission is to get able bodied people to work and get them off the system.

I don't know about you but I'm sick of paying for peoples great ideas and new programs that once start never end and drive up the tax base for all of us I'm not against anyone that is able to work for what they have if they have money for tattoo's, cigarettes, beer while using latest iPhone wearing better clothing than I can afford at the checkout line using a VT EBT card than use that money for food and get a job our country needs to close or tighten up some of programs the USA can't afford to continue on the same path of giving away money to able bodied people because their lazy they need to fend for themselves at sometime.

But I don't have a problem helping those in need either the elderly, citizens with disability's mothers with children of deadbeat dads.


To support AvtHillbilly's points, Larry, just last week I was walking behind a couple near Walmart in downtown Rutland. Clearly they just crawled out of bed at 10 in the morning simply by the way they were dressed. He says to her "give me your card and I'll go to the store (Price Chopper) and get us some breakfast". She handed him her EBT card. As he's walking away from her, she shouts: "get me some cash too so I can buy more cigs". Give your comments a break Larry and know that this system....especially of the "cash back" option os BROKE!!! It's leaches like these two and thousands of others who take advantage of our WORKING tax dollars that need be taken off of state aid!!!


This is just another example of the brain washed Trump hating liberals spewing things that they know nothing about . There will not be one additional child going hungry. President Trump has done and continues to do more for the poor and middle class than any President in decades ! It gets tiring reading these comments from liberals that just hate Trump and do not actually know any facts !

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