This poor beleaguered president, bunkered under Barr and the Republican palace guard, tweeting his trademark playground-style insults and vengeance, stonewalling, defying congressional oversight, hating the Mueller report, and praising the Barr-version Mueller report, must be aware in some part of his brain that there are rising waters out there.

He faces, according to the New York Times, 10 federal criminal investigations, eight state and local investigations, 11 congressional investigations, looking into bank, tax, insurance and election fraud, misuse of charitable funds — the Trump Foundation has, indeed, been closed down by New York courts — collusion with the Russians (yes, it's really there in volume I of the real Mueller report), obstruction of justice 2016, 2017 and ongoing, emoluments and money laundering, among other things. And all those missing children keep popping up in the news. Maybe impeachment will bring all the charges together?

Good heavens, what's a narcissist to do?

Well, relief is at hand: just as the rising waters come chin high, enter Iran. That's an easy one. Mr. Trump says we can "end" Iran. Patriots, put away your lawyers, subpoenas, reports, contempt citations, impeachment threats and embrace the convenience of war.

Kate Taylor


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Very well said.

War; it's a wonderful galvanizing force that allows leaders the world over to gather their forces, eliminate their enemies, and consolidate their powers - assuming they win.

Where would "The Decider" have been without Afghanistan and Iraq - still reading his NSC advisory warning of commercial planes being used as weapons and discussing protecting our air space with the joint chiefs.

Using war as a tool is not a new trick but we don't learn that in school. We don't even learn we invaded Canada in the war of 1812 so how can we learn from mistakes.

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