How can we flush a toilet without recognizing the refuse that swirls away from us?

What will it take for a significant number of us to understand the Trump presidency, and his administration of criminals, is much like that which we flush into our sewers?

The planned insurrection should lead to an obvious understanding of just that.

The corruption of information regarding the serious nature of the 2020 COVID crisis for political gain also cries out for recognition of what it was.

And the list, like that swirling in the bowl, could go on and on.

We must demand that the current efforts in the halls of Congress to ferret out that which appears so true, regarding the criminality of Trump and his minions, must proceed as rapidly as possible. If not, we are just watching the slow swirl of our toilet with only a stench as a reminder.

William Gay


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Larry Stewart

I think what you’re smelling is the cesspool that is the current White House and and the refuse is those who frequently visit. The man living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is a bumbling idiot. He’s a Pelosi puppet…she’s holding the strings. If you voted for him I hope you’re proud of yourself. Gas prices up 60% since December 2020 and the cost of living in general following suit.

President Trump wasn’t perfect but he was leaps and bounds ahead of the current administration. If you truly can’t see what’s going on in DC you need to take a step back, take a deep breath and focus in.

It’s time to pump the tank.

B Rhodes

Your comparison in gas prices is misleading at best. Comparing any year's gas prices to a time that was during the height of the pandemic is going to look bad. Lets compare prices during Trump's first 3 years in office, prior to the pandemic.. his first 3 yrs the average price of gas in the US for all 3 yrs combined was $2.679, with several months in 2018 and 2019 where it was over $2.90 a gal. In 2020 during the pandemic, when travel was restricted, people were working from home or not working at all, making the demand for fuel much lower than normal the average price for the year was $2.259. We had 2 months where is dipped below $2.00 but never went lower than $1.938. The average price for Biden's first 11 months is $2.748. Currently we sit at $3.384 per gallon. The thing so many either don't understand of they just ignore it to make their point, gas prices are set by SUPPLY and DEMAND, not by the President. Now that so many restrictions have been lifted, people can travel from state to state, many people are back to work and going on vacations again, the demand for fuel has sored in comparison to 2020, If you toss out 2020 pandemic prices and just look at Trump's first 3 years you'd see a more accurate comparison. November prices for Trump's first 3 years were all right around the $2.70 mark, today prices are right around $3.40, which is a 26% increase, not 60%.... And frankly this year, just like the pandemic numbers, should be tossed out, both years one lower than normal and one higher than normal, were drastically effected by the pandemic trends.

Just sayin'

Larry, would you please pass the cool-aid?


Hey Willi... You should stop drinking your own "sewer" water. It has caused you to become ignorant and has killed off whatever brain cells you had at birth.

Even the corrupt FBI says it was NO INSURRECTION. Oh well.



William, normally I would admire a person that was loyal to their Party, but in this case going through life with your blinders on is extremely dangerous for our country. Can you tell us how your life changed so drastically when Trump was President? The first week the Biden administration took over not only has our gas, home heating fuel and food prices soared, but we also have to watch helplessly as our country is overrun with illegals for the political benefit of your Party. I only hope you wake up before the next election because our country is in deep trouble, because of this corrupt administration and voters that hate Trump more than they love their country.

James Hall

There is just no question that there is no one; I say again, NO ONE who had a grasp on the big world wide picture other than President Trump. Any one denying this and his ability to govern because of what he determined to be the case in those pictures, is missing a few cells in the old noggin. There is no quibbling about that. The world was much safer, our adversaries were in check, the economy was working for everyone, and we were in a much better place than now. God hopefully will pull us through until we can get to the mid-terms. The crowd in charge now of the executive and legislative branches is clueless, and just plain unworthy of their holding on to anything that bears a responsible requirement. They are inept, incompetent, and accomplish nothing only to create pure misery for all.

John G

James Hall. I am all too familiar with the Trumps of the world. Their, his, standards are so far removed from what you state as fact that I have to assume you have been never been near their world. I am not enamored of Joe Biden but Trump will be fighting for position as our worst president in history once all of the dust has settled. The fact is that down Virginia way the Republicans found out how to avoid conflict with the Trump fanatics. The Republicans may successfully take the House and Senate, some catering to your way of thinking, but most focusing on the reality that Trump was incompetent in everything but his expertise in creating hateful division.


Interesting that you are blaming Trump for the "hateful division". I guess you didn't live in this country when Obama and his wife were in the WH. I remember, like it was yesterday, the rabid foam pouring out of the democrats mouths when Trump was elected. The disrespect shown to President Trump was something not many will forget or forgive, except the heartless people that thought it was funny. I could provide a list of the childish acts but I'm not going to waste my time on people that don't base their vote on what the person accomplishes instead of what he looks like. Now go gas up your tank and remember how low the gas prices were when the best President we ever had was in the WH.

John G

The Warrior has clearly stated what Trump accomplished….The Warrior. Is it possible you used to watch The Apprentice? That man had such Authority, conviction and clarity..

The man is brilliant, which is why he won’t let anyone see his college records. A financial genius, which is why he won’t let anyone see his tax returns. A wizard at businesses, if you don’t count his casino, or his college etc.,etc.,etc.

But, you will never change your mind because you have placed all your bets on that Donald person. Sad, so sad.

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