Going back as far as Franklin Roosevelt, no president has been unable to get to a 50 percent approval rating by the first midterm election.

It has been just about a year since I decided to wear my American flag tie until our president got to a 50 percent approval rating. I enjoy people complementing my tie and their reaction to my motivation for wearing the tie. We all should want to see our president succeed. I had hoped by the mid-spring of this year I would have been able to take off my tie. However, that did not happen. Imagine how uncomfortable it was to wear a tie throughout the summer. That string of 80- and 90-degree days nearly killed me.

You would think that the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, record stock prices and high economic indicators could get him to the 50 percent level. Now the midterm elections are here and the president’s approval rating languishes in the low-40s. And I am starting to think that there are just too many conditions that stand in the way of President Trump’s ability to achieve that 50 percent approval rating threshold.

His declaration of “Fake News” will not get him there. The Mueller investigation will not allow him to get to 50 percent. Nor will the border wall, the good will white nationalists have towards Trump, Black Lives Matter, tax cuts for the rich, trade tariffs, space force, having both a Republican House and Senate or misspelled Tweeting at 3:30 in the morning. But wait, there’s more. The “Me Too movement,” transgender use of bathrooms, serving in the military and children of immigrants born in the USA will not help our president get to a 50 percent approval rating. Throw in the freedom of the press, and any supporter of our president should easily see that all the cards are stacked against him.

I am still committed to wear my American flag tie until our president reaches an approval rating of 50 percent. I am sure this will happen. My concern is that I may need to wait until our 46th president to be able to stop wearing this tie.

Kelly Socia


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