I'll think about Mich Braves today. He deserved a "t" on the end of his surname, as he was one of the Allied troops who landed at Normandy 75 years ago. And I'll quietly thank him and his "brothers" who changed the world in June of 1944.

However, there is another significant anniversary for us Americans to consider this year. Exactly a century ago, the victorious allies of World War I sent representatives to Paris to hash out the peace treaties to end that war. Adopting the Nationalism/Jingoism of that time, they created the Treaty of Versailles and it's four side treaties that carved up the world to suit the interests of the victors.

Blinded by the same Jingoism that Trump and his supporters enunciate today, they came up with treaties to end "the war to end all wars," which ironically created the conditions just 20 years later that led to World War II.

We must remember and honor the people who fought Hitler 75 years ago and we should also consider the fools who placed us on the path to WWII exactly 100 years ago.

Randy Kniffin

Middletown Springs

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