U.S. influence in Yemen

The colossal humanitarian crisis fueled by the war and blockade of Yemen continues, thanks to major backing by the United States. Vermonters sustain grass-roots efforts to end this tragedy, now in its eighth year. We call again for our second senator to add his influential voice to this issue.

Thankfully, two of Vermont’s U.S. congressional members have publicly stated their support for a new Yemen War Powers Resolution. On March 25, Senator Sanders, I-Vt., joined three Representatives calling for the U.S. to “stop participating in Saudi Arabia’s brutal campaign” in Yemen. Representative Welch, D-Vt., started things off on March 1: he vowed to be a co-sponsor when the pending Yemen War Powers Resolution is introduced in the U.S. House.

Granted, Senator Leahy, D-VT, spoke for the first Yemen War Powers Resolution in 2018. However, this was vetoed by the former president after passing in both houses in a bipartisan vote. And he co-sponsored the Joint Resolution of Disapproval last fall against further arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

Senator Leahy, your leadership is greatly needed in this latest effort. Even as the U.S. steps up investment and diplomatic efforts regarding Ukraine, we need a greater commitment to finally end the devastating American-backed conflict in Yemen. Your record and reputation carry much weight and will influence other members of Congress to act on this crucial issue.

Yemen needs you; Vermonters need you to publicly stand with your Vermont colleagues. Please tell Congress and the country now, as Senator Sanders did, that you will “end U.S. support for the disastrous Saudi-led war in Yemen.”

MaryDiane Baker

Action Corps VT Organizer


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